Olive Oil

Olive Oil

"Do not eat anything that your great-grandmother would not recognize as food".

Our mission is to produce excellence with the help of nature..that’s it!. We trust our quality “director”, the yearly microclimate.

We believe that a high quality extra virgin olive oil is an “ingredient” that must not, and should not, be altered in any way.

The smells, the flavours and in general the peculiarities of our oil, thus maintaining high quality features, will slightly vary year by year depending on microclimatic conditions.

Both enthusiasts and professionals of high quality flavours will love to find new food combinations with Fiorano241. Learn more.

D.O.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) roughly translates into “Protected Designation of Origin” and is basically awarded to various food products with specific excellence, tradition and originality (such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, prosciutto of Parma, Altamura bread, balsamic vinegar of Modena, etc…) and officially certifies that the product respects very stringent and specific parameters, thus guaranteeing extremely high quality and unique flavours, typical of specific soils and micro-climates. The entity that controls and certifies that all regulations are respected and adhered to, is the Provincial Chamber of Commerce under the authority of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s D.O.P. is called “Aprutino Pescarese” and has been the first in Italy to obtain such recognition for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 1996 (ref. EU Reg. (CE) nr.1263/96). Original D.O.P. must be labeled on the packaging with a specific logo and a unique reference number supplied by the Aprutino Pescarese D.O.P. Consortium. Learn more.

Loreto is the area where the olive is grown, processed and bottled.

A specific area within the province of Pescara, in the Abruzzo Region of Italy.

Our lands and olive trees are located in the middle of such geographical area in the enchanted Medieval hilltop town of Loreto Aprutino.

It is interesting to note that olive trees located in specific micro-climates and specific soils, even within the above geographical area, offer further flavour differences.
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The Aprutino Pescarese is the area where the olives are grown, harvested, extracted and bottled.

There are approximately 2000 Olive tree breeds in the world. Nearly half of them are in Italy.

It is in a specific to the town of Loreto Aprutino: the Dritta (or Loretana).

The Dritta olive tree has been steadily in the area for over 2000 years, thus adapting perfectly to the local micro-climate and location halfway between the peaks of the Gran Sasso mountain range (max elevation 2.914 mt) and the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Moreover, the Dritta does not grow spontaneously in any other area and rarely does it produce fruit when grown outside of this specific geographical area.

The harvest must mandatorily start after October 20th and end before December 10th.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced is sampled and tested by the authorities.

Chemically, in addition to many specific ones, the basic parameters are:
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The Organoleptic testing is performed by a Panel of minimum 8 people (professional and nationally qualified olive oil tasters) under the responsibility of the authorities.

In order to pass, the parameters are:
Color: from green to golden yellow
Smell: medium/strong fruitiness
Taste: fruity
Allowed defects: 0 (zero)
Minimum required fruitiness: >1 (one)
Minimum score: >= 6,5
This is only a small “technical” summary of a very complex experience that requires passion, dedication, expertise, time and patience, that starts from the gentle pruning of the trees in February, through continuous works on the land from March to September and the harvest and pressing of October and November.
An experience that produces Fiorano241, one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. Learn more.

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